What Is VPN? 

VPN is the full form of Virtual Private Network, which gives you protection on all types of tracking and everything, including internet browsing. Converts your current location from one place to another. 

As a result, if someone wants to track location without informing you, they will not be able to track your actual location. VPN Service also gives you personal protection while browsing various web sites. And secure websites offer suggestions. 

It also blocks the censorship of multiple websites, so that those sites can not track or collect any of your information. 

VPN is not just for computers. VPN in Android Phone, VPN on iPhone. So you can easily set up a VPN on your phone. 

Today we will talk about Namecheap VPN. Which is the best VPN I have ever thought of. You can convert to many countries if you want. And you have complete protection with this Namecheap VPN. 

How to USE Namecheap VPN free? 

Namecheap VPN is giving you a free subscription for one month. Through which you can run your Android, Windows, Apple, macOS. Together again. Whatever you do for this. 

1. First, go to the Namecheap VPN page by

Clicking Here.

2. Then you can see three packages here. If you want from here, you can buy the premium first two packages for which the subscription fee is applicable. Or you can buy the latest premium package for one month with a free subscription fee. Select the "Last package." "Click Get started."   

3. Then if you already have an account in Namecheap, then login with its Username and Password. Otherwise, click the "Sign-Up" button below. 

4. Then sign up with your First Name, Last name username, email, and password. 

5. Then select Add Payment Method. Then choose your Payment Method from here. 

6. Then give the information. And click on the "confirm payment." 

7. Then select the device on which you want to use VPN and download Namecheap's VPN Software.

 At the end open the Software and sign in username and password, and enjoyed a one-month free VPN for free. 

 You can run it later with a subscription fee every month if you want. I hope this article will helpful for you, and you enjoy this free Namecheap VPN one-month subscription. 

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