Unemployment Problems: 

Unemployment Problems Bangladesh and World WIde

One of the reasons for the unemployment problem is over-population. Looking at the per head income of any country, we can see that the number of unemployed is increasing day by day. The problem is unemployment in almost every state.

Lack of talent, lack of ability, no one can work hard, and no one can remember more. That is, not everyone is skilled at everything.

Moreover, many rich people are living in unemployment due to idleness. Because the communal father has the meaning, this is why the number of unemployed is increasing day by day. And the per head income is decreasing.

Self-employment is an important issue for the unemployed. Reduce unemployment by whatever you have. It will also reduce the unemployment of the unemployed. That is, to create unemployed youth, gardening, farming, etc.

It will improve both the country and the people of the country because it is not possible for the government to provide jobs to everyone in a competitive nation.

Even if one does not get a job as a citizen of the country, the government's support for self-employment will surely come. Therefore, in almost every district of the country, farmers are provided essential pesticides with free fertilizer for agricultural purposes.

We often see stories of successful people in newspapers. Some have heard that in different parts of the country, they have succeeded in cultivating farms, some tailors, some in vegetables.

They are an inspiration to the unemployed. The unemployed society prepares itself for self-employment. The educated youths of the village find employment in their vacant places like cows, goats, pond fish farming.

It is often seen that cows, goats, and fish farming a unique role in improving the country. Besides, they earn foreign currency by exporting to any country. In other parts of the country, the government is rarely trained to work online. It also allows everyone to work independently.

Most of the sources of income are garment workers in our country. Large companies from Korea, Europe, and even China have established their businesses in our country. It is more than half the source of income for our country.

Now, this income is increasing the per head income of the country. On the other hand, the unemployment problem is decreasing a lot. Women's power is getting more prominence in those institutions. Some are traveling away. In our country, remittances sent by emigrants are increasing every year.

Again, large companies in the country are also reducing the unemployment rate by hiring every month. Considering the development aspects, we can understand that the rate of employment is increasing at the rate of development of the country.

But the per head income does not equal the population of the country. That is, employment is not increasing at the rate that the population is growing.

Bribe: - Bribe is the special cause of unemployment problems. Although bribery is a legal offense, in most cases, most people bribe, in the developed countries, there is no such bribe. But in our country, the economic situation is excellent, without qualification, there are jobs.

And youths with real requirements suffer unemployment even when they are qualified. And if that happens, then there will be no value to merit or knowledge. There is nothing the government or the law can do unless the public is speechless! Therefore, for the sake of the development of the country, everyone should protest against the 'do not say wrong' country.

So create self-employment to reduce the unemployment of the country. Provide employment opportunities for the unemployed. If everyone in the country is employed, then who will pay for the job? Have you asked yourself? This is the right time to work with what you have.

Take care of your family when needed. If you can't handle it alone, encourage the unemployed youth around you. Get enough education to give yourself a business title. Provides specialized training in various districts and Upazilas for self-employment. Get their help if needed. That way, unemployed will become the owner of a thousand unemployed.
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