Many of us use iPhones. If you want to know from an iPhone user, he will say one thing about the iPhone, iPhone is not mobile. It's nothing short of his best friend. From waking up in the morning to waking up to alarms, the iPhone is a partner throughout the day.

7 Secret iPhone Settings Apple Doesn’t Talk About

But many of us may not know these 7 tricks on the iPhone. And that will help us use the iPhone more, which we should know. Let's see The Best 7 iPhone Settings Apple Doesn’t Talk About.

1. Custom Vibration:

With custom Vibration you will be able to provide one type of Vibration to your phone call and a different kind of Vibration for SMS. If you have mobile pockets in it, you will understand which Vibration is the message and which call.

Let's see how to set it up.

  • First, Go to your phone settings > Sounds  Then tap on > Sound and Vibration List. 
  • Click Vibration then tap > Create New Vibration. 
  • Start Recording and then click and tap the center of the screen in which you want to Vibration to be.
  • If you have done Recording,  then stop Recording save your pattern.

It will be saved on the vibration section, among the list of custom Patterns.

2. Clear Your I Phone Ram:

When we are always using the phone, at one point our phone went very slow. As a result, no one gets any enjoyment using the phone. One of the fastest ways to make your I phone slow is to clear your phone's Ram.

All you have to do to make this happen.

  • Press the Sleep button until you see the message "Slide to Power off Button."
  • After that, Release the sleep button. And then you press the home button.
  • Sometimes later, your phone will return to the home screen then.

Now it is clean your i Phone, or I Pad Ram. You will feel your phone speed.

3. Inbox Message Timestamps:

If you want to see during a specified message, it may seem not very easy to many at times Because its options are not visible.

What you need to do when you see the message time?

  • Open Your I Phone Message Apps
  • Then click on the message thread that you need to view a particular timestamp. 
  • Side your finger from right to left.
  • Now you can see all the message timestamps.

4. Enable text message characters to count.

On the iPhone, this option is usually not enabled. So when you send a message to a lot of people, you don't see how many characters you have typed in this problem.

All you need to do to enable it.

  • Click the Settings option and then the Message option. 
  • In the message option, you will find the character count then tap the right side button to turn it on.

Good news, your character count option is now enabled.

5. Recording audio and video tracks.

If you want to speed and slow down while watching audio videos on the iPhone, here's what you can do.

After the video is open:

  • Yellow area - means Quick Scrubbing.
  • Red area - means half speed scrubbing.
  • Green area means - even slower.

This is a cool feature.

6. Blocking Ads in Iphones and I pad games.

Ads are the problem we all face, whether it is Android or iPhone. Especially when playing a game. These Ads are so disgusting that. So it's time to say goodbye Ads to the users of I phone.

All you have to do is:

  • Put Your Phone Into the Airplane Mode temporarily turn off the phone's radios.
  • The Ads show will be closed quickly.

7. Deleting Digit in the calculator app

For those who use Android, they can easily delete a false digit in the calculator and when delete it on the iPhone, and it seems challenging. Especially for those who use the i Phone new. We don't see any option there.

It's a simple task.
  • Just swipe your finger to the left or right of the number to clear the last Digit.

I hope you like the tricks. If you want, you will stay with us. Thanks.
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