In the current telecommunication time, mobile phones are a complicated invention, which is always giving people fantastic technology. But sometimes we get frustrated because of the phone's different mechanical defects.

How to Open a Forgotten Pattern Lock? 

Therefore, mobile companies release mobile phones without solving all problems. Many times we can not remember or forget the pattern of the mobile. So you have to take the help of others or take them to the mobile shop.

The shopkeepers will make money from you doing them. If we have learned these tricks, then we will not have to worry so much. So today, we will talk about how to open a forgotten pattern lock.

Mobile Tricks: - In my opinion, it is good not to lock any mobile. Even if you lock the phone, you must provide a backup code. Even if you forget the pattern lock, you can unlock the phone with that code. This is called a safety pin.

So You do not have to follow the procedure below. But If you forgot your pin, So follow these rules.

How to Open a Forgotten Pattern Lock? 

Try these processes step by step.

  • Your mobile will first 'Power Off.'
  • Then unplug the battery of the mobile for a sometimes.
  • Then press 'Volume Plus Button,' 'Power Button' and 'Home Button' together, until the data factor option appears on the skin of the mobile.
  • Select the Factory Data Reset (with the volume button) and press the Power button.
  • Then select the "Yes" option
  • Then reboot the phone.

Mobile on may take a while. Then your phone's pattern lock will open. But in this case, some of your phone's files or phone's saved number, the message may be deleted.

Even your e-mail, Gmail account can be removed. So you can use these tricks as your last try. Sad things are some phones I think it did not work properly.

I hope this tutorial You guys like. So share your friends. And thanks for reading.
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