We often do things in a moment of danger, which is worse for us than good. For example, suppose your foot has been sprained somewhere. Now many will tell you to run; others will say to put ice.

Those are the opposite of good to your foot. Because when you put ice on your feet, the blood circulation of the feet decreases, a lot of it freezes.

7 Life Hacks That Can Help You Survive

So today are 7 Life Hacks That Can Help You Survive in the moment of danger.

1. Applying ointments to a wound.

It is with us when cutting our hands or cut anywhere in the body. Bandage with cream. That should not be ours. This makes it easier for the bacteria to spread the infection.

When the body is cut off, clean completely with soap with cold water. Then bandage. This is the correct rule.

2. If the foot or hand is broken, do not pull it over.

Many times, if someone's arm or leg is broken, many people start pulling on it and try to put on a position. Remember, you are not a doctor. And moving the broken part can cause more damage. So you should avoid doing all these things.

But one thing you can do at that moment is to tighten the broken part with something hard. It will not move the fractured part again. And take her to the hospital as fast as you can.

. 3. If it hurts on the joints, let cold ice instead of heating.

We feel pain in the middle appendages, sometimes in the joints of the feet or many joints of the body.
Then most of us do this, giving it a Hot water bag.

But it is better to let the ice curve, than the hot water whip in the body spin.

4. Do not try to vomit if something poisonous enters the body.

We all know that after entering the body with some poisonous foods, vomiting can reduce its effects. That's wrong. When you vomit, it will increase more quickly to the lungs. And your dehydration rate increases.

So try not to vomit, call an ambulance as quickly as possible, go to the doctor.

5. Pulling out objects from wounds.

Often it is noted that when we are drowned in the foot or the hand due to a small glass of some carelessness, we try to pull ourselves out.

But it is better not to try to find out if something goes wrong somewhere in a serious place. Because if you forget to split a vein or something in the body, it can be the opposite.

The doctor is always frostbite to do some of these surgeries. So it is best not to try them. All you can do is get to the doctor as soon as possible.

6. Using skin glue in a cut area.

Blood can not be stopped in the cuticle many times, so we usually sew the cuticle and go to the doctor. But when the slices are recovered, it is challenging to open the stitching.

So what you can do is clean the area with cold water, you can apply skin glue on the place. It stopped consuming blood.

But if the large one is cut off. If something happens to Serious, I think it is best to go to the doctor without having to do all these things.

7. To Raise the Unconscious

Whenever we see an unconscious person anywhere, we sprinkle water on his face to restore his knowledge. Is it correct? Of course not.

One of the things we can do to bring him back to knowledge is to help his feet light upon an object. Do not let him stand until his sense is returned. And best of all, do not drink any coffee or cold drinks after returning his knowledge.

I hope you like the above 7 Life Hacks That Can Help You Survive. If you Like our content, read the next content. try always to be good
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