If you are looking for the best Assistant at the present time, that's Google Assistant. Thanks to Google for bringing a featured app to everyone.

One of the unique features in the present information technology time is the application. This app lets you access everything from home technology.

Besides, you can easily find the answer to any question. Let's see some Best features of Google Assistant today's time.

Best Features of Google Assistant in 2020

best features of Google assistant in 2020
Best Features of Google Assistant in 2020

Find your mobile:

If your phone Pixel 4 XL is misplaced, you cannot find it in such a place. If you say "Hey Google, Where Is My Phone", then its ringtone will ring. If your phone has Google Assistant installed and all settings on it. And it works even if your mobile is in silent mode.

Unlock your Pixel:

If you like these functions of Google Assistant. And you don't want to lock your phone with a fingerprint or Pin code regularly.  You try to unlock your phone smartly. Then you can use Google Assistant, which will easily detect your voice and unlock your phone according to your voice. 

Open Apps by Voice:

Suppose you are doing something, so you cannot take your mobile phone now. But want to on Facebook. Then you can use Google Assistant. Tell your smartphone "Hey Google, Open The Facebook" then Facebook will open it according to your command.

Read the article on the website:

If you want to read today's articles on a web site, but for some reason, you do not want to read it, you are listening. Then you read through Google Assistant. Say "Hey Google Read This Article" then google will read it to you.

Search images:

Which image do you want to search for? Here you can tell Google Assistant that he will help you find it. Best pictures for you.

Get a food shop or restaurant suggestions:

Suppose you are out there with family, looking for a restaurant for dinner, but you do not know which restaurant is good or bad here. So you can do a task, efficiently juggle Google Assistant with you, he will search from Google and catch the reviews of the best restaurant and suggest you.

Suggest the best places to go for a vacation:

Suppose you want to go somewhere in the summer with friends. But you do not know exactly where to go to the best for summer vocation. Ask your Google Assistant, and he'll find the best place from Google search and suggest you. Best Place Review.

Listen to Positive News:

Currently, most of the scandals and bad news are heard so if you do not get these rumors or bad news, tell Google Assistant "Hey Google tell me some good news" he will say to you all the updated news.

Listen to sports scores:

If you are a sports liker person, then you must know everything about the sport you love the most. If it seems strange to you. What is Tamim Iqbal's highest score? Then ask the question easily your google assistance. He will answer your question within a few seconds.

Know the weather outlook:

Plane to go to someone's house, but the day you got the date, immediately find out what the weather will be like that day from your Google Assistant.

Set important reminders:

The reminder that is the best feature Google Assistant does set a reminder. When we are too busy, we forget a lot of essential things. As a result, you forget to look at the note even after holding the note many times.

But if you have a smart assistant in the smart generation right now, don't forget to spend your necessary time. If you go to the reminder and set the time, he will remind you one at a time.

Again, if you tell Google Assistant "Hey Google, Did I miss any task?" If you have a reminder set at that moment, it will let you know.

There are many other tasks that Google Assistant has made easy. It's like being a real human being with you every moment and talking. All the information is presented to you, answering each question.

I hope you enjoy today's Best Features of Google Assistant in the 2020 tutorial. Thanks for being with us if you like.
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