What is HTML?

HTML is a programming language, which is used for web site design. HTML is full of meaning HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE. HTML is called the mother of web designing because the whole structure of a website depends on it. 

What is HTML

To be a skilled web designer, you must master this HTML language at the first level. Otherwise, if you are a web designer or developer, there is no alternative to learning this language. At each stage, you will need this HTML. So to be a web developer, you have first to make complete sense of HTML. 

Programming Language:

Programming is such a language. Those who work on programming, working on programming, understand that it's enjoyable. When you have complete control over programming, programming will be learned. Then you feel enjoy to do a lot of programming.

How to quickly learn HTML?

HTML is a programming language, so to understand it, It is a simple language, but you have to do a lot of practice, and to practice, you need to follow a daily routine.

You need to remember that you cannot do all of the programmings just by learning HTML. You have to come up with a long-term project, and move it step by step.

Because after HTML you will have to bring these languages ​​like CSS, C Programming, JAVA Script, JQUERY, PHP and so on. So you have to move slowly.

The structure of HTML 

The first thing you need to do to maintain a structure of HTML is to structure the website.


<title> </title>



<p> </p>


This is the basic structure of HTML. You have to code it all the time by making it mandatory. It is merely a concept of a structure.

Also, there are many other codings in HTML such as Bold, Underline, h1 h2 and many more that you need to learn. Based on this structure, website development is done. The first thing to do is to maintain this structure for web design.

Easy to learn and practice HTML: 

After learning HTML first, try to create a template with it.
When you learn how to create a template with HTML, you will think that the idea of ​​HTML has come to be sharp.

 Only with HTML will you try to create a template. Then slowly, as you learn the following programming languages, try to create them and create templates.

This will allow you to master all of the different concepts and practices on each of your different programming languages, and you can easily become a good quality developer by learning them all.
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