What is hosting?

Today we will discuss Hosting. Basically, In the last episode, we discussed domain names. If you have not read that content yet, you can read it.

What Is Hosting

What is hosting is essentially storage of your website?

I think if we look through an example, we can easily understand this thing, and if we target our mobile phone, then we need memory or storage to store image video or all our files on our mobile phone, which is called. Either the memory storage is where we have store everything in the data and everything in it.

Hosting Examples:

Moreover, when you create a website, all of the image, logo, content on your website needs single storage to store them, and those storage are called when we select the domain of our website. Like mobile phones and posting is like storage on our mobiles, so you said Only in the Main name. 

Anyone who wants to come to your website quickly by visiting a unique name of the website can visit that address, and the Hosting is the kind of content you publish within your website will be submitted and displayed on your website as well as when you visit your site. So hosting for your website is a must

Hosting Speed Help You Ranking Factor:

The speed of the website depends on your website Hosting, and one site means that Google will always be ahead in the rankings, so if you want to make your website easily rank it, then, of course, you have to pick it up by looking at web hosting. 


After taking Hosting, try every week to back up web hosting because it can not be said when a website may come at your risk at any moment, and if you do not back up, it can be lost if you keep backup. If there is any damage to your website, then you can quickly restore it. Can do.

Hope you got an idea about the posting, we will try something new later.
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