What is a domain name:

Today's topic is Domain Names. We will discuss domain names and domain names in this tutorial today and discuss the most top-level domains in the world, usually called a website name or website address.

What Is Domain

When we enter a website, we type the name of the website in the search bar in our browser, and that name is called a domain name, and the domain name is a unique name that will only come through your website if you search by name. You will not redirect to any other website.

We all have a small idea about the website when we look at the results of an exam like JSC, SSC or HSC result when we enter the websites, we must need site essential names, and these are the ones we are called initially.

If we are going to discuss in more detail, then I can give an example as you are now reading this article, but if you notice now in your web search box, you can see the name on my website which you can just come to my website by typing the name. 

You do not go to any other website, and it is called a domain name. If you sit in any part of the world, you will enter my website if you search for this name and can read the contents of my website.

What is a top-level domain 

There are many types of top-level domains in the world. Notably, there are many other types, called .com .net .org.

Also, there are many different types of domain names. There are many kinds of domain names like .xyz .info .in. 

When you buy a website or create a website, you need to select a unique name for the website that no one else or anyone already has a website with that name, you need to choose those names, and you can make the website in that name basically if you, If the name I selected is from a website, then you open the website by that name. 

Niche Related Name:

The success of your website depends largely on a domain name, so when trying to determine the domain name, think carefully, and select the name. Try to Keep Your Niche Relative Name Try to keep the Niche thing you are buying with Your Niche is the same, but you are doing Select and try to avoid the other kind of name, which is not equal in your niche.
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